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    HK-5Y Oil Test Centrifuge

    The water and sediment content of crude oil is significant because it can cause corrosion of equipment and problems in processing. determination of water and sediment content is required to measure accurately net volumes of actual oil in sales, taxation, exchanges, and custody transfers. It is not anticipated that this test method, which is written with a dedicated laboratory facility in mind, is likely to be used in field test rooms or sample rooms due to safety concerns for proper ventilation and handling


          Our HK-5Y conforms to the following ASTM standards, ASTM D1290, ASTM D1796, ASTM D2709, ASTM D4007, ASTM D91, ASTM D96.this Oil Test Centrifuge is fully programmable allowing automatic configuration to the specified oil test parameters. A four place swing out rotor and universal bucket assembly accommodates low cost adaptors and cushions suitable for borosilicate glass centrifuge tubes of the types specified for oil testingThis Centrifuge describes the laboratory determination of water and sediment in crude oils by means of the centrifuge procedure.

    This centrifuge is used for determining water and sediment in crude oils is not entirely satisfactory. The amount of water detected is almost always lower than the actual water content. When a highly accurate value is required, the revised procedures for water by distillation.


    1.The machine adopts computer control, touch panel, LCD display, electronic locks, speed PMW control method,12 programs can be stored, 19 levels and deceleration can be adjusted. Its features

    2.Due to the unique of shock absorber, the anti-vibration effect is good.

    3.The speed control adopt PID way, high precision can choose different raising and lowering speed time, Brushless motor make sure the machine working peacefully, to meet the requirements of the laboratory, it's no need to change carbon brush ,and no dust pollution.

    4.Automatic calculation RCF value; Have the point start function (short-term centrifugal);

    5.Electronic locks security protection function; when the door does not cover well, the centrifuge can't work.

    Technical Parameters

    1.Host performance parameters.

    Max speed: 4000r/min        

    Max RCF:3400xgMax capacity:4×200ml          

    Speed accuracy:±10r/minTemperature range:indoor +10℃~70℃

    Temperature control:±2℃

    Time control:1min~99min/inching    

    Power supply:AC220V  50Hz  15ANoise < 60dB(A)  

    Environmental requirement: 10℃~35℃    

    Relative humidity≤85%



    2.Rotor parameters

    Rotor    capacity                  Max speed           Max RCF

    NO.1    swing out rotor   36*10ml 4000rpm       3400xg

    NO.2    swing out rotor   4*100ml 3000rpm       2062xg

    NO.3    swing out rotor   4*200ml 3000rpm       2000xg