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    HK-GC-9600 Gas Chromatograph


    1. HK-GC-9600 adopts 320*240 dot matrix LCD. It can display the temperature of each way and Real Time Operation conditions, so as to achieve the on line monitoring

    2. POST, indenpendt temperature control of six ways and five stages program temperature rise

    3. Self-diagnosis function: If there is a failure, the apparatus will automatic display the fault phenomenon, code and cause to help the operator find and solve the fault in short time

    4. Over temperature protection: The protective temperature can be set freely,if there is a way exceeds the setting temperature, the appratus will automatic power off and alarm

    5. Carrier gas protection: When the carrier gas is underpressure, the apparatus will automatic power off and stop heating to protect chromatographic column and thermal conductivity detector effectively

    6. Intelligent fuzzy control back gate system: Automatic tracing temperature and dynamic regulate the angle of the bakc gate. The apparatus can do precision control under room condition.

    7. Equiped with packed column chapiter sampling, glass-lined sampling and capillary  split/splitless sampling device with membrane cleaning fucntion. The apparatus also can install the gas sampler

    8. High precision and stable dual way. Maximum can install 4 kinds of detector

    9. Advanced gas rutine, it is available to use hydrogen flame detector and thermal conductivity detector.

    10. 8 ways external events function supports the multiple valve switch

    11. Electronic flow pressure display system and internal work station device can be selected

    Temperature control index

    1. Temperature control range:Room temperature 5℃~400℃, Increment: 0.1℃

    2. Temperature control accuracy: Better than ±0.1℃

    3. Temperature programming: 5 stages, constant temperature time between stage:0~999min

                                                   Increment:0.1min,Temperature increment: 0.1℃

                                                   Heating rate: Maximum 40℃/min below 200℃

                                                   Maximum 20℃/min above 200℃


    1. Dimension: 555*525*485mm

    2. Input Power: AC220V±7% 50Hz 2000W

    3. Weight: 52kg

    Technical Parameters: