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    A small design、the big revolution:patented product HKT-007 Constant temperature water bath

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        HKT-007 Constant temperature water bath,my company according to user needs special design and production of a constant temperature bath. The traditional constant temperature bath fixed round hole to a variety of specifications of the circle stack and into, this kind of design applicable scope is small, the size of a single, operating inconvenience, circle after long-term use will seriously out of shape, the influence is used, if he lost a more will not be able to normal use. And HKT - 007 thermostatic bath changes the traditional design, simple operation, accurate temperature control, bath round hole with special technology processing, patent protection of arbitrary adjustable aperture design, gently only toggle regulation column can realize all kinds of diameter of arbitrary switching. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, medical treatment, etc.national patent number:201220282870.9

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