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    Army assembly,Service country:Patented product HK-1043 Automatic water reaction tester for jet fuel

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      HK - 1043 jet fuel water reaction apparatus conform to GB/T1793-2008, ASTM D1094 standard test method, suitable for inspection aviation gasoline and air turbine fuel of water-soluble components and these components on the volume change and the influence of the oil-water interface. The traditional way is laboratory technician will be up and down the tube for high speed reciprocating motion, not only fatigue strength and data are not allowed. To reduce the workload of laboratory technician, and improve the results consistency, the company adopts pneumatic driving mode to realize high speed vertical reciprocating motion, for the domestic initiative, instrument microcomputer control, automatic timing, control the itinerary, calculate the number of return, the printing results. And instrument provides various experiments, stroke, time parameter adjustable, after the end ofthe automatic alarm prompt. Get the military area commands laboratory approval.National patent number:201220178403.1